Public Relations

The Lamar Police Department stays very busy all year.

We spend a lot of time chasing and catching bad guys. However, we saved enough time to do what we all love to do most, and that is interact with the citizens of this great town.

We continued old favorite activities, like Fish with a Cop Day and Bike Day, and continued with our annual Shop With a Cop. Officers also were in the public teaching classes again, such as DARE and Internet Safety, just to name a few.

Officers see these events as a fun way to interact with the people they normally don't get a chance to see. They enjoy answering the routine questions (such as, "what is this" as a small child points to something on your fancy "utility belt", and even the occasional bizarre question. During the Internet Safety classes, the 5th graders had a lot of very good questions.

The goal of these events is to let the public, especially children, know that the police are not mean and that just because we had to write you (or your parents) a ticket doesn't mean we don't like you; we just have a job to do.

We like to have these types of activities so people can get to know the officers and sometimes even officers' families. All the officers' spouses helped with the Shop with a Cop program, which was a big hit for the children that participated.

In closing, I would like to thank the citizens of Lamar for participating in events. If we didn't have any participation we would not get to meet some of the people we see. Thank you all for coming last year and I hope to see you this year. In the meantime follow the links to some of the events held for the community.

In Service,
Lamar Police Department