Lamar Aquatic Park

Leisure Pool

5600 Sq. Ft. with a Zero Grade Entry
Lamar Missouri Aquatic Park Swimming Pool3-Spiral Slide
Raindrop Toadstool
Play Equipment
Frog Slide
Alligator Raft
Sky Shooters

Lap Pool

3200 Sq. Ft.
6 – 25 Meter Lap Lanes
Water Volleyball
Water Basketball
Water Polo

Natatorium (Indoor Pool)

Lamar Missouri Water Slide3500 Sq. Ft.
2 – 25 Meter Lap Lanes
Water Therapy
Water Aerobics


3200 Sq. Ft.
Coin Lockers

Other Features

Concession Stand
Lounge Chairs
Picnic Tables
Funbrellas / Shade


Swim Lessons

Young swimmers will increase their confidence and self esteem while progressively improving their safety and swimming skills.

Swim Lesson Fee: $40.00 per student per 2 week session, with discounts available to pass holders and repeaters.

Contact the manager at Lamar Aquatic Park for Schedule: 417-682-5851 X 2349 or


Water Walking Club

The Club was featured on the local television news in February 2015.

Walk Around the World - Water Walkers Club Lamar, MOThe way it works is this:  A list of destinations with distances  is posted on the wall. Choose a destination and start walking.  For every mile  walked, or for every destination reached, the walker receives a milestone, which is a charm or bead designated just for that destination. Very simple.

One example is, this past fall during the district and state finals, credit of two miles was given if walkers wanted to walk to the football stadium and back. Of course they didn’t walk on the street, they walked the equivalent distance in the water. Once completed, the walker received a bead for his/her keepsake pin shaped like a football.  (Yes, guys are walking, too.) Walkers can accumulate milestones for tracking miles, in ones, fives or tens, or for a destination on the list.

Another example is, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, in March walkers can walk the distance from Cork, Ireland to Blarney Castel,a distance of about two miles, and earn a green shamrock bead for the keepsake.

There are ten different destinations to choose from at any given time, changing periodically to keep it interesting. The newest  walk is called the New York City Bridges Tour, walking the distances across ten of the bridges that link New York City. One walker completed the distance equivalent to swimming the English Channel at Dover.

Show up. Suit up. Walk. It’s all pretty simple and fun.

The benefits of simply walking against the pressure of the water are extraordinary. It strengthens bones, joints and muscles, increases endurance and provides a good workout. In addition, doing this activity with others keeps it interesting.

There is a special star one gets for bringing a new walker, and first timers get in free that first time they come as someone’s guest.

The indoor pool is open Monday through Thursday year round and there are walking times posted throughout the day. To get a schedule call the pool at 682-5851 X 2349. A schedule can be mailed or sent by email, too. Pool rates are a very affordable $3.00 an hour and individual passes are available for the indoor pool.

As always, consult your physician before starting any new exercise regimen.



Pool Parties

The Lamar Aquatic Park is the perfect location for your next birthday party or family get together!

Contact the manage at Lamar Aquatic Park: 417-682-5851 X 2349 or