Lamar was laid out in 1856 and named for Mirabeau B. Lamar, second President of the Republic of Texas. It suffered multiple attacks during the American Civil War.

Lamar’s first constable (sheriff) was the famous wild west lawman, Wyatt Earp. It was Earp’s first job in law. He buried his wife and unborn child in Howell Cemetery (just outside of Lamar) before going into the pages of history.

Lamar’s most notable native son is President Harry S. Truman. Truman’s Birthplace attracts thousands of visitors each year to the city. Truman, however, is not the only famous American to serve his country from the city of Lamar, Missouri. Lamar has produced not one, but THREE naval admirals over the years.

Additionally, Kid Durbin, a Major League Baseball Player has his roots in our small town in the southwestern corner of Missouri.

These are just a few reasons we often refer to Lamar as a place of Legendary Beginnings.

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Please consider this ONE IMPORTANT question: What other cities in these great United States of America can you find three graduating Seniors from the same high school who went on to command, control, and help win major victories in WW I & II, write Best Selling Books, serve as Technical Advisers for Hollywood movies (so actors like John Wayne could be more genuine), capture German Submarines, learn their technology and use it for our gain, graduate from Naval Academies and MIT, be among the first to fly off aircraft carriers (THINK of the courage!), fight off Kamikaze Attacks, survive Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, and likely earn more awards and medals combined than ANY other group of three to have graduated from the same small high school?

The US Department of Navy has just recently placed on loan to our Barton County Historical Society a 3500 pound Danforth Anchor, dated 1953, and is displayed on the NE corner of our beautiful Lamar Square.



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