Economic Development

We are proud to present the City of Lamar Incentive Policy

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City of Lamar Business Incentive Policies
Process and Qualifications

1. File Application—Notice of Intent (NOI)
30 day review period by Economic Development Committee
Committee may bring recommendation to the Board of Aldermen
Incentive Letter may be awarded by City of Lamar

2. Commit to City Agreement
I. City of Lamar Obligations
II. Recipient of Incentives Obligations
III. Claw back revisions—Loss of incentives
IV. Covenants—User/Zoning Requirements
V. Provide all documentation requested for compliance

3. Based on Jobs created and capital investment
Full time positions (minimum 35 hours per week per position)
Pay minimum of $10.00 Per Hour
Capital investment/improvement based on each incentive qualifier

4. Meet all reporting requirements
File quarterly reports with City Clerk of Lamar (for jobs–created based incentives)
Allow any quarterly onsite reviews by City of Lamar Economic Development officials
Respond, within thirty (30) days, to all requests made by City of Lamar

5. Qualifying Industries by NAICS Code:
Retail Trade
Transportation & Warehousing
Finance & Insurance
Real Estate & Leasing
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Management of Companies & Enterprises
Administrative & Support
Educational Services
Healthcare & Social Services
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (Excludes Gaming)
Accommodations (Excluding Drinking Establishments)

Other Services (Excluding Religious Organizations)

6. City of Lamar Electricity User Charge Abatement

City of Lamar will provide up to $2,500 for utility hookup for City of Lamar electric, water and
sewer, to the meter/main including the cost of materials and fees to expanding and new businesses.

Qualifying Companies are required:
To be located in the City Limits of Lamar (jobs and facility within City Limits)
To make a capital investment of not less than $75,000
(to which New Ad Valorem taxes apply)

Meet the new employees added criteria:
Create a minimum of 2 full time jobs with a minimum wage of $10.00/hour applicable per company
with 0-10 employees prior to NOI
Create a minimum of 3 full time jobs with a minimum wage of $10.00/hour applicable per company
with 11-20 employees prior to NOI
Create a minimum of 4 full time jobs with a minimum wage of $10.00/hour applicable per company
with 21-50 employees prior to NOI
Create a minimum of 5 full time jobs with a minimum wage of $10.00/hour applicable per company
with 51+ employees prior to NOI

Beginning 90 days after date of Notice of Intent and all qualifiers completed:
Electricity Abatement Credits over Three Year Period (applied monthly to invoice)
I. Year One: 15%

II. Year Two:10%

III. Year Three: 10%

7. City of Lamar Site and Infrastructure Development Assistance
Utilizing State–financed infrastructure funds that can be used to lower or provide the costs of
providing access roads, utilities or other works necessary for industrial devel- opment
Landscaping Assistance up to $500 for Seed, Straw, Mulch or Rock
State Grant funding is discretionary and subject to approval by application

8. City of Lamar Unoccupied Building Renovation Program
2% Annual Bonus on Electricity Abatement Schedule for Duration of Abatement
(e.g., 20% Standard Abatement + 2% Bonus = 22% Abatement)
Facility Landscaping or Exterior Paint Assistance up to $500
Qualifying companies required:
a. Create the minimum required jobs based on tiered structure

b. Renovate currently unoccupied building in city limits of Lamar (vacant twelve
(12) or more consecutive months prior to submission of application)
c. Minimum Capital Investment of $100,000

8. City of Lamar Entrepreneurial Start–up Business Support Program
New entrepreneurial businesses can gain key support during first year of business
Electricity Abatement of 10% During First year of Operation
One (1) year free membership to the Barton County Chamber of Commerce
Facility Landscaping or Exterior Paint Assistance up to $500

Qualifying companies are required:
a. Create a minimum of two (2), and not more than five (5), new jobs
b. Capital investment of a minimum of $10,000—not more than $50,000

9. City of Lamar Fast Track Processing:
Being committed to reducing the roadblocks and paperwork that stand in the way of private investment.
Permits and Licenses should be approved within 30–60 days from the time the company submits a completed application.
Utility hook–up issued priority preference and completed as scheduled to meet the needs of the business.

Information will be here about the buildings and land available for development in and around Lamar.

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Joplin Regional Partnership

Barton County Chamber of Commerce