Welcome from the Mayor

Mike HullLet me welcome you to Lamar by telling you a little bit about our town. The first thing most people ask is what Lamar is known for. While there are many great people, businesses, and events, if you ask any resident you will hear at least one or probably all of these; Wyatt Earp, Harry Truman, and Football. All of which are great stories.

Wyatt Earp took his initial law enforcement job as the constable for the city. He married Urilla Sutherland in Lamar and had plans to settle, however, his plan changed when his wife died less than a year into the marriage. Fourteen years later the 33rd President of the United States was born a few blocks from where Wyatt Earp once patrolled. While the Truman family time in Lamar was short, we still celebrate this former resident every May with our Truman Days festival. We didn't leave out Lawman Earp with an annual festival in October.

Friday nights in the Fall are a special time, you will find most of the community at the Football game. Since 2011 Lamar has won 8 State Championships, making the team the talk of the town and State for the last decade. However, Football is not the only superior team Lamar has fielded. Since 2013 Lamar has won 3 Cross Country and 2 Track and Field State Championships. Much respect is given to the players and coaches for their dedication and work it takes to become champions.

City attractions include the City Park and City owned Lake. The 56-acre park features a water park, multiple ball fields, tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, pavilions, a paved walking trail, and playground equipment. It is a perfect location for a family reunion, team retreat, or church function. The 200-acre city lake is a premier fishing destination known throughout Southwest Missouri. The $2 daily fishing makes it affordable for all to enjoy.

If you want to step back in time you can see a movie at one of the few Drive-In theaters operating in America. Too cold for the Drive-In, we have you covered. You can attend a movie at our theater that is nearly 100 years old (1934). The theater is close to its original condition with an updated sound system providing a very unique movie experience

Lamar is uniquely positioned to help businesses and industries of all sizes succeed. Located on an Interstate, two rail spurs, and low-cost utilities make Lamar a great location for your business. However, the most important asset we have is our citizens. I grew up with them. I know what they are capable of accomplishing and their work ethic. They are the best of America, taking pride in their work and love for their community, country, and every opportunity it provides.

If you're a citizen of Lamar, keep taking pride in the community and look for opportunities to make it better. Do not assume someone else will take care of an issue you can resolve! If you are visiting, moving here, or starting a business, make yourself at home and enjoy.


Mike Hull