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City of Lamar
TATS Driver
Job Description

Job Title:
The following is a job description for the position of “driver” with the Truman area Transportation Service.
Job Summary:

The position of the driver shall include the driving of all company vehicles. The driver shall be knowledgeable in the operation of vehicles including the large, handicapped lift-equipped vans. The basic job function of the driver shall be to pick up and deliver passengers within the city limits of Lamar for general transportation needs and to also pick up and deliver passengers county-wide for medical purposes.

Typical Duties:
a. To transport passengers to their desired destinations.
b. To interact with the passengers in a courteous and pleasant manner.
c. To be as helpful as one can be for the benefit of our passengers.
d. To drive in a safe manner in various weather conditions.
e. To do pre and post-vehicle inspections.
f. To complete the driver log as required by office staff.
g. To assist passengers in and out of the vehicle including the handicapped lift-equipped vans.
Each driver shall take direction from and answer to the TATS office staff on a day-to-day basis. The supervisor of TATS shall oversee the entire program and shall become involved in matters concerning conflict with work schedules and rider matters.
The drivers shall tend to their vehicles daily. A full maintenance of the vehicle shall be done on a weekly basis and drivers shall also be responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicles. Drivers shall transport passengers to their individual destinations and do so in a courteous and pleasant manner. The driver shall make every effort to assist the passenger in any way they can. Of there is a conflict between a passenger and a driver this conflict will be made known to the TATS supervisor as well as higher management if the situation requires.
Physical, Mental & Working Conditions:
Position requires sitting, driving, and assisting loading wheelchairs and scooters in the performance of daily duties. The position also requires both near and far vision while driving. The need to lift, push, pull, and assist disabled riders with their wheelchairs, scooters and their groceries or other items when they do not have a helper.

(The following are minimal qualifications necessary to enter into the classification)
a. Minimum of 18 years of age.
b. Be able to provide a “Driver’s Health Record Documentation” indicating that the driver has no physical or health limitation which would prevent them from competently operating a motor vehicle or interfere with their ability to assist any service recipient in and out of the vehicle, who requires or requests such assistance.
c. Must have a driving record showing that the driver has had no driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance conviction within three (3) years prior to driving for the transportation service, and the driver shall not have had their drivers/chauffeur’s license suspended or revoked within the same three (3) year period.
d. Driver’s record shall not show misc. traffic convictions so as to indicate a marked disregard for the safety of others or which indicates a pattern of unsafe driving practices.
e. Due to security requirements no applicant will be considered if they possess a felony record or an extensive misdemeanor record.
f. Drivers shall possess a chauffeur’s license obtained from the State of Missouri.
g. Drivers shall have or be capable of obtaining certification in CPR and in the Heimlich maneuver.
h. Knowledge of basic first aid and /or the ability to retain instruction in this area.
i. Past experience in driving for hire is desirable.
j. Drivers shall demonstrate their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
k. Drivers shall be available to work a varying schedule with hours amounting to between 20-30 hours per week.
l. Drivers shall be able to perform basic/minor vehicle maintenance details such as fueling, checking of oil and tires and cleaning of the transportation unit.
Education and/or Experience:
Any combination of education and experience that has provided the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a TATS driver.
Possession of a valid driver’s license with a chauffeur’s endorsement.

Printable job description  TATS Driver


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