City Wide Clean-up was scheduled to end Friday, April 30th. Due to the large volume of rubbish set out, crews are still working to pick everything up. As crews make one more pass-through town, we ask that new items not be set out. Crews will not be backtracking to pick up new items. If your items were out last week and left, we would like to remind everyone of the following:
• Items should be placed roadside and not in an alleyway.
• Loose items should be gathered and placed into stacks; smaller loose items, need to be placed into bags or will not be picked up.
• No paint of any kind will be accepted.
• Tires will not be accepted.
Also, if you are a resident of the City of Lamar items can be taken to Prairie View Landfill to be disposed of during business hours. All you need is proof of residency!

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