ENERGY ALERT – Freezing temps are wreaking havoc on the
electric grid in several states! Fuel needs are pushing energy
markets to historic highs! Impact this supply/demand nightmare
by bundling up, keep thermostats @ 65-67° & limit major
appliance usage. Help save $$$ & conserve!

• Help CITY OF LAMAR keep costs low and citizens warm! Frigid temperatures are taxing the supply
and costs are skyrocketing. Save energy to help us all!

We will be providing more information on this alert as we receive it. This information is coming from MPUA (Missouri Public Utility Alliance). Please conserve energy during these frigid temperatures!!!

Residential Energy Efficiency Tips
FREE ways to save on heating bills:
• Wear layers of clothing and use extra blankets.
• Set thermostat settings at 68 degrees or as low as possible while you’re home.
o Customers who are elderly or have medical conditions complicated by the cold should NOT lower their thermostat.
• Lock doors and windows for a better seal. For drafty windows, close storm windows and consider keeping window shades closed for extra insulation.
• Don’t block heating system air vents with furniture, curtains or rugs.
• Limit the use of natural gas fireplaces and electric space heaters.
• Close fireplace damper when not in use.
• Roll up a towel to put at the bottom of a leaky door to keep drafts at bay.
• Turn off nonessential lights.
• Postpone all nonessential energy use.
• Turn off and unplug computers, monitors, chargers, printers and televisions during non-use.

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