City officials have made some decisions about park use during these times of uncertainty with the current health crisis. Due to recent studies done by the NIH and in discussion with Parks and Recreation professionals around the state we recommend the following.
1) Parks and open spaces are a GREAT place to be to get out of the house, clear your mind and get some exercise. Please continue to do so! Also consider spending time at the city lake!
2) Because it is not specifically known how long the virus stays on various surfaces, though recent information suggests up to 3 days on plastic and metal, it is not safe to use the playgrounds at this time. While we cannot physically close the playgrounds, we recommend everyone treat them as if they are closed.
3) All bathrooms are closed.
4) All playing fields and courts are closed to help in following social distancing guidelines.
5) Please use trashcans conveniently located throughout the parks for all your trash.
6) With warmer weather and more people coming through the park and using the trail and roadways please be aware of your speed. The speed limit in the park is always 15 MPH.
We \want all of our citizens, as well as our workers to stay as safe and healthy as possible! We hope to post some other fun, virtual activities for people to do in and around our parks during this time.

Youth Summer ball has NOT been canceled. We are in an indefinite delay for now. It is our desire, as well as the desire of the manager of our league to have some type of season this summer, should the current situation allow. Please stay updated on the Lamar Youth Athletics Facebook Page.

Heidi Johnson
Parks & Recreation Director
City of Lamar
1104 Broadway
Lamar, MO 64759
(417) 682-5851

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