Date: June 11, 2018

From: Office of Parks and Recreation

Subject: Municipal Pool Closing



Phone: (417) 682-5554

Fax: (417) 682-3288


Contact: Heidi Johnson Parks and Recreation Director (417) 682-5851

Media Release

Due to severe damage to the piping that circulates the water in the Lamar Aquatic Park Leisure pool, the Lamar city council has made the decision to close the entire facility, effectively immediately, until the cost of repair can be determined, and repairs can be made.

“We were aware of a problem and had hoped to be able to get through the summer, but the water loss was too great,” Heidi Johnson, Director of Parks and Recreation said. “We have been working along with the water department and pool management on this for several months. We have exhausted all the possibilities we can do on our own and are now talking to professionals on the best way to proceed. It is our understanding that there has been some leak or leaks in the system for quite some time.”

The leisure pool has been losing between 60,000 and 70,000 gallons per day over the course of the last two weeks as it was being prepped to open and then open for the last week. The water plant has already been operating one pump short and the leak at the Aquatic Park adds additional demand.

“This is not a choice we wanted to make,” City Administrator Russ Worsley said. “However, we did not want the leak in the pool to strain our water supply for household use. The Parks and Recreation department and water department have done the best they could to this point and we will continue to work with the professionals that have been brought in to determine the best course of action for the future of the Lamar Aquatic Park.”

All season passes will be refunded within the next two weeks. Refund checks from the City will be sent to the addresses listed on the passes.





Russ Worsley, City Administrator Steven Kaderly, City Attorney Bev Baker, City Clerk



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