A few updates from Deputy Chief John Davis

Some updates from Deputy John Davis…….

I would like to take a moment of your time to bring a few things to your attention that we at the police department have been busy dealing with.

We are continuing with unknown people prowling vehicles at night as well as daytime. Two incidents occurred in the City Park during lunchtime. A male subject with full sleeve tattoos is a suspect in those occurrences.

We had a couple of fake $100 bills come through our community. Please watch the money you receive and notify the local law enforcement if you feel you have any questionable currency.

We have also taken reports of vandalism in our City Park. The vandalism in question is that of spray painting, as well as marks left on the roadways, from people spinning their tires and cutting donuts. The park has been and will always be a show place for Lamar. We have heard for many years how beautiful our park is and how great of a place it is for family reunions, as well as how safe it is. This type of behavior will not be tolerated; the officers have stepped up their patrols in the area and violators will be dealt with through the courts system. Please help us keep our park a safe and beautiful place where the children can play without the worry of a speeding vehicle striking them. If anyone has any information as to who is putting graffiti up here, as well as other places in town, please call the police department and let us know. You can do so anonymously if you wish to.

The officers have also added the function of checking permits and fish at the Lamar City Lake. Again, this is another great place for the family to spend the day playing, picnicking, and catching fish. The officers are tasked with checking Municipal permits as well as State permits. We also check the length of fish as well as the number. The regulations can be seen online at cityoflamar.org through the ordinances or you can pick up a pamphlet at City Hall or the Lake Office.

The following is a list of subjects who were arrested by the officers of the Lamar Police Department in recent weeks:

05/22/2017 Raymond Black, age 53, for Municipal Warrant for FTA
05/22/2017 Kim Plummer, age 53, Municipal Warrant for FTA
05/22/2017 Macias Juan Carlos Rodriguez, age 31, Municipal Warrant for FTA
05/23/2017 William Rogers, age 29, Springfield Municipal Warrants
05/24/2017 Michael Blanco, age 48, Was arrested by Lamar Police Officers following a foot pursuit with Barton County Sheriff, Mitch Shaw.
05/25/2017 Travis Matlock, age 20, for Municipal Warrant for FTA
05/26/2017 Sean Bruce, age 32, Domestic Assault.
05/26/2017 Dwayne Taylor, age 30, for Municipal Warrant for FTA
05/27/2017 Charles Leasor, age 29, Disorderly Conduct.
05/28/2017 Michael Rapue, age 28, Order of Protection Violation.
06/01/2017 Sabrena Martin, age 48, Municipal Warrant for FTA
06/01/2017 Curtis Langford, age 22, Municipal Warrant for FTA
06/01/2017 David Park, age 37, Municipal Warrant for FTA
06/04/2017 Emily Edson, age 35, Possession of Child Pornography, investigation continues.
06/04/2017 Dustin Logsdon, age 33, Municipal Warrant for FTA.

John Davis
Deputy Chief

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