Deputy Chief John Davis Discusses Traffic Enforcement

Part of the job of law enforcement is traffic enforcement….

Part of the job of any law enforcement agency is that of traffic enforcement.  The Lamar Police Department is no different from the others.  We rely heavily upon the public to assist in this part of our job by telling us where they see the need for an increase in enforcement.
Now many people will say we as police officers already enforce the traffic laws enough and there is no need for an increase.  We do however hear from others that say we need to step up patrols or enforcement in certain areas due to people not stopping for stop signs or speeding and so on.  This so happens to be the case for this post.

We have had a request for stepped up patrols and enforcement of the vehicles speeding on First Street coming into and leaving Lamar on the west side of Lamar.  We have moved our radar trailer to this location in order to bring it to the motoring public’s attention of their speed.  Along with this, we will be stepping up patrols and monitoring the speed of vehicles with radars.  Please remember, Lamar is a peaceful community where people walk, run, ride bicycles for exercise, but most importantly, it is a community where we as parents can permit our kids to do the same thing with little worry.  Let us all take the time to monitor our own speed and slow down if required.


John Davis

Deputy Chief

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