Deputy Chief John Davis Addresses a Few Problems in the School Zones

Deputy Chief John Davis would like to bring to everyone’s attention……………

Have you ever been driving down the road, looked ahead and saw a patrol car? What was your first reaction? Most people will say their heart rate rises a few beats as they take their foot off the accelerator and quickly look at the speedometer to see if they were speeding. It’s okay. We’ve all done it; even when we have our cruise control set at the speed limit. It’s called human nature.
I would like to bring to everyone’s attention, however, a problem we are seeing in the School Zones here in Lamar. In the recent past, the City Council revised the School Zone hours to 7:15AM to 3:30PM; they did not change the speed limit itself.
We are continuing to see people violate the speed limit in the school zones, some by only 3 or 4 miles per hour, some by 10 or more mph. There is a reason school zones across our nation are set at 20mph; it is proven to be a safe speed. I could go into why we as humans speed, and there are arguments as to the low 20 mph speed limits in school zones; but that is just the opinion of one person. What it comes down to is we all want the children of our community to be safe, especially in their travels to and from school. One way we can all help in doing this is to drive the posted speed limit in the school zones, no matter how much of a hurry we are in.
While I have your attention about our school zones, please watch the crosswalks as well. With the warmer weather, we have more kids walking and riding bicycles to school. Also, a note to people driving north on Gulf Street in front of the Middle School, please do not let your children off in the middle of the street. They are crossing traffic in the middle of the block; this is very dangerous. We are currently working with the School District on another drop off zone on 7th Street just off Gulf; more to come on this. I appreciate everyone who reads our articles and passes the information on. Please have a pleasant and safe weekend.
John Davis
Deputy Chief
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