Lamar Police Department participates in a State Wide Occupant Safety Campaign

The Lamar Police Department participated in a State Wide Occupant Safety Campaign on February 16, 2017

As many of you noticed on Thursday of this week, the officers were doing a seatbelt check in the area of the schools.  We were participating in a State Wide Occupant Safety Campaign and contacting drivers as to their use of their seatbelts.

We are aware that this did slow traffic a bit and we do not wish to do that; but at times it is necessary to do so in order to remind drivers of what they should be doing on a normal basis.  In the 45-minute period of the check, the Officers checked 527 vehicles; this means they had contact on the average of 5 seconds for the check.  Of the 527 vehicles stopped, we found 39 drivers were in violation.  As this was a campaign to gain statistics on how many drivers do or do not use their seatbelts and to remind drivers to use their seatbelts; no summons were issued.

I know that there are many reasons to use the seatbelts in our vehicles, it is the law, it is a policy where you work, it protects passengers, etc…   I think the one reason that has always been prevalent in my mind from training as well as working vehicle crashes for over 31 years is this; no matter what the speed is when you are involved in a crash if you cannot control the vehicle because you are too busy holding on to protect yourself, it can make the crash worse than it may have been.  It is the seatbelts job to hold the driver.  By wearing the seatbelt, it frees you to make corrections to the vehicle and possibly avoid striking another vehicle or worse yet, a pedestrian.

Please remember to buckle up and use your seatbelt when you are in a vehicle.  The officers of the Lamar Police Department would like to thank everyone for your cooperation during this campaign.

John Davis

Deputy Chief

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