Inclement Weather

Inclement weather is forecast for this weekend…….

As we have all be hearing on the news and on social media, we could be receiving some inclement weather starting Thursday evening to include freezing rain and sleet.  The Police Department continues to monitor the approaching weather and will continue to work in conjunction with the other emergency services in Lamar and Barton County if the weather should produce as forecasted.  Please remember, if the weather should become inclement, reduce your travel as much as possible.  Plan ahead to have what you need at home so you do not have to get out when the roads could be bad.  Another note to this comes from a request of the dispatch center, please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency.  We continue to receive 911 calls during inclement weather as to the road conditions or electrical issues with your service at your home.  Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) has a web page and a phone app that will give you the local road conditions.  To report or notify the City of Lamar that you have an issue with a utility please call 417-682-5554.  As always, if you have an emergency, please call us and the officers and other emergency service personnel will respond.  We are here to serve and protect.


John Davis

Deputy Chief

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