2016 Lamar Free Fair Tips and Ideas

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Lamar Police Department

1106 Broadway Street

Lamar, Missouri 64759

Phone – 417-682-3546

To:                  Citizens of Lamar

Re:                  Lamar Free Fair

Date:              July 27, 2016

Once again, we find ourselves preparing for yet another Lamar Free Fair, this one being the 73rd.  We at the Police Department will be available as always in order to help make the fair as enjoyable as we can for each person who attends.  In order to do this we have a few safety tips and ideas.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Police Department at 417-682-3546.

Please tell your children that no bike riding is allowed on the square from 5:30 pm on Tuesday to early Sunday morning unless they are in an organized function of the Fair; for example a parade.   If they do choose to ride to the square they can walk their bikes inside the roped off areas.

It will probably be hot, so make sure you keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of fluids and don’t forget the sun screen.

No dogs are allowed on the square during this same time.  Again, this does not apply if they are participating in some type of function associated with the Fair such as a dog show or parade or acting as service dogs.  The reason we need to keep the dogs off the square is that there is an unusual amount of noise and activity and we don’t want anyone to get bit by a scared pet.

There is no drinking of alcoholic beverages on the square.  Also, remember that the City has an “open container” ordinance, which applies to having open alcoholic containers in motor vehicles.

During the two parades that we have each year, we suggest that you have “walkers” beside your cars, floats or other entries to hand out candy instead of just throwing it out.  It is much safer.  There have been years where we have watched as the little hands disappear under the tires of the vehicle in front of us during the parade.

Each year several children seem to have problems with locating parents, as well as parents with locating kids.  With the advent of the cellular telephone, this problem has almost ended a time consuming problem of reuniting the two.  In case your children are ones who don’t have access to a phone, bring them by the Police booth.  It is located in front of the Post Office.  Let them know this is where they can go if they should become separated from you.  If your children are small, please take the time to fill out some sort of wrist band or leave some sort of identification inside a shoe or other place where we can find it.  In addition to a name, let us know your name and how we can reach you.  Give us a phone number so we can make contact immediately.

Please watch where you park.  If history is any indicator, it will be crowded.  Don’t block private driveways and pay very close attention to the church parking lot across from City Hall.  It is not a marked lot and we always seem to have a problem with people parking “3 deep”.  If you think about it, “3 deep” makes the car in the middle blocked in until one of the other cars moves.  At times we are forced to call tow trucks to get the blocked person out.  If you happen to be the one that is not parked correctly, your car is going to have to be towed.  Who pays the bill you ask?  Save yourself a tow bill and look around before you park.  Just because someone else has not parked correctly, do not add to the situation by parking illegally.

Handicapped parking spaces are available in the 1100 block of Broadway, across from the Fire Station.  You will need to have a placard or handicapped license plate visible before you will be allowed through the rope.  There are also some spaces on Gulf St., next to the Bear State Bank.

As usual, ropes will block all corners of the square.  Please find another route for the week.  Please pay close attention to these ropes.  Not a year has gone by that someone has not disregarded the rope and run through it, breaking the rope.  This is a very dangerous thing to do.

Remember, it will be hot, hot, hot from the set-up night until Sunday morning.  During these times, tempers flare and arguments easily occur.  Do not make situations that will last all year by a few minutes of disagreement.  Stop and think, “Is it worth it?”  Be good citizens.

So, I hope you all come to the 2016 Lamar Free Fair to enjoy the food, friends and rides.  Let’s all have a good time!  See you at the fair.


Ken Bergman – Chief of Police

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