Theft and Locking Doors

Advice about locking doors……

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Lamar Police Department

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Lamar, Missouri 64759

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To:                  Citizens of Lamar

From:             Ken Bergman, Chief of Police

Date:              July 13, 2016

During my tenure in Lamar, citizens tell me that a decade ago, or more, nobody worried about locking doors or theft here in Lamar.  First of all, for a guy from a large city, this sounds unbelievable; but I can see by citizens’ faces while speaking with them, that it was a way of life and continues to be for many of our citizens.  I wanted to pass along a little information regarding this.  I call it “MOM”; who better to tell you the best thing to do in order to stay safe.  So what would “MOM” tell us?  Well, first, who is “MOM”?


M – Means

O – Opportunity

M – Motive

Today, due to many causes, communities such as ours suffer unexpected losses due to the criminal element among us looking for the setting when Means, Opportunity and Motive come together.  This allows them to commit crimes that, not so long ago, maybe would not have happened.  I could write for days about why this criminal element exists; but that is not my point presently.  Many times, citizens can take steps to deny criminals the Means, Opportunity and Motive to commit crimes against them and their property.  Simple things, such as locking doors, windows and sheds can make a difference.  Having well lighted areas help greatly also.  Working together with well-known neighbors is a plus.

One thing I would like to mention is calling the police.   Many times, since working in Lamar, citizens do not call or they wait to call the police when seeing things that strike them strange or cause them to pause.  If you see something that is out of place or suspicious, please call us.  Give us a “shot” at catching a criminal or disrupting “MOM” and keeping all of us safer.

Thank you.


Ken Bergman

Chief of Police


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