Lamar Police Department awarded Grants

Lamar Police Department has applied for and been awarded grant items:

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Lamar Police Department

1106 Broadway Street

Lamar, Missouri 64759

Phone – 417-682-3546



Some interesting news for the citizens of Lamar.  The Police Department has applied for and been awarded the following grant items:

A)  $2,500 dollars in overtime reimbursement (MODOT)-2016

B)  Blue Pint Coalition 2016 –

1.  (2) Digital Ally in car camera systems with sync for body cameras


2.  75 safety street cones


3.  20 looper cones


4.  12 (A) frame barricades


2017 Grants:

A)  $2,500.00 (MODOT)

B) 3 stalker dual radar units


C)  5 P.B.T. breath testers for patrol units


By being vigilant in pursuing these and other grants, the police department saves tax payers and the city budget thousands of dollars.  This in turn allows us to maintain and provide professional police services to our community.  Protecting and Serving does not always mean arrests and car chases.  Many times it means administrators and supervisors seeking and developing grants that in turn provide our officers with the best possible equipment in order to protect lives and property.  The keyboard and pen sometimes provides many police services that the public is not always aware of.  I felt it pertinent that the citizens of Lamar realize that under my administration we are and will continue to seek any valid way to provide better services.


Ken Bergman

Chief of Police



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